Hands-on Workshops

Explore Visual Journaling for Balanced Seeing and Storytelling!  Firsthand Experience at NMWA May 14, 2016. Guest artist Renee Sandell led this visual journaling workshop inspired by the special exhibition She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World and its celebration of storytelling and documentation. Participants explored the exhibition for inspiration and expressed their stories through drawing, Marking & Mapping™, and writing exercises. This workshop was designed to engage audiences 13 and older. Materials and instruction were provided. http://nmwa.org/events/may-14-workshop-firsthand-experience

Marking & Mapping™ Your Career Pathways

Join Emerging Art Leaders of DC (EALDC) members to explore your career pathways through the playful experience of visual journaling as you activate your innate creativity and insight.  June 5, 2015 12:00- 1:00 PM, Arts & Humanities Council in Silver Spring

In this 1-hour hands-on workshop,  use visual journaling to explore personal and professional histories, current lives, and future directions. Starting with warm-up activities and using special art tools, engage in meditative markmaking, play with art materials, and possibilities for visualization.   Use line and color to create marks that visually encode ideas, actions, and feelings into a “Career Mini-Map” that reveals significant insights into your unique personal/professional calling.  Absolutely no previous studio art background is necessary. Join us for this fun and eye-opening experience and surprise yourself!

See photos and description on the EALDC blog

Marking & Mapping™ Gratitude

  • Visual meditation using Marking & Mapping™ can provide easy access to your creativity and insight. Marking & Mapping™ helps rekindle the pleasure from early years and we are still fluent in a latent, highly personal yet universally understood mark-making vocabulary that delights and unites us all.
  • You will use Marking & Mapping™ with fun art tools to create a unique Namaste “portrait” that captures special qualities, words, images, and/or events you want to remember with gratitude. Finally, we will share our discoveries of gratefulness with others and be inspired with different creative approaches that we might try ourselves

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Visual Journaling: Easy Access to Your Creativity

  • Surprise yourself in this fun workshop:
    Use unique art materials with Marking & Mapping to explore life experiences, ideas and feelings and investigate our personal histories and future directions.
  • Create a revealing “spiritual” map that explores and celebrates our individual lives—at this moment in time and thus becomes a special souvenir to take home.  No previous art experience needed!


Marking & Mapping My Life at Rancho La Puerta

Drawing Treasure Hunt: Marking and Mapping Sculpture

  • Inspired by my art workshops at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, “Drawing Treasure Hunt: Marking and Mapping the Ranch’s Sculpture Collection” provides guests with a fun and active way of experiencing sculpture at the Ranch.
  • Using special “View Catchers,” participants will be engaged in a meditative, observational drawing experience that gets them to fully perceive, explore and appreciate the exquisite sculptural works by James Hubell, Victor Hugo Castañeda, Francisco Zúñiga and others.
  • As a result of the experience, each guest will take home a hand-drawn map as a unique, visual souvenir of the Ranch’s physical beauty.

Stay tuned for the 2016-2017 schedule for workshops.

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