Brian Reverman’s Videos: “Discovering Art”

Discovering Art: Search for Meaning video, produced by Brian Reverman, Art Department, International School of Beijing, discusses Renee Sandell’s FTC research and methods about how to use Form, Theme, and Context in decoding art work.

Reverman’s new video Discovering More About Art: The Search for Meaning Continues… shows tools and methods for analyzing a work of art to try to find its meaning and relevance. It highlights the ideas of Dr. Terry Barrett and Dr. Renee Sandell and shows students how to extend these ideas using critical thinking to explore art on a deep level. Designed for high school students, it extends the ideas in the video “Discovering Art, the Search for Meaning” and is a companion video to the graphical analysis tool, the Art-o-matic 2.0 which can be found at…

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