Visual Journaling: Self-Empowerment Through Marking & Mapping, Simon Says Yoga Studio,  May 2017

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Visual Journaling workshop. It was a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and it was so much fun working on my life map. My only complaint would be that the time went so fast and I was having so much fun I didn’t want to stop! So a longer session might be nice. I would definitely sign up again if you have more workshops.

Visual Fitness for Creativity and Insight, at Rancho La Puerta, December 17-24, 2016

  • Loved this class—Renee is both inspirational and encouraging while at the same time gives you tools for “letting your artistic inhibitions go”—and for allowing for creativity. Her work in museum education and how it informs looking at and appreciating art is unique…and exciting. There is a definite technique, approach to viewing and doing…and she presents hers in an enjoyable, stress-free experience.
  • I loved the class and hope to continues this at home. It is an amazing way to express my feelings without writing or talking. Felt very free with no judgment. Thank you!
  • Renee, Thanks so much for the class! You’re a gifted teacher who walks us into art learning. Tutoring at its finest! I’d like to study more with you. Please put me on your mailing lists.
  • I loved, loved, loved this class—the warm up exercises, the positive energy Renee exudes that infects all of us. The clear lessons and the transformation of that learning into my piece of art.
  • Thanks for generating intent, curiosity, and new methods for looking at and appreciating art.
  • Wonderful insightful class! Brought me to a place of gratitude—remembering the blessing of my life’s journey.
  • Great class. You are awesome and inspirational. Suggestion: longer class time to avoid rushing.
  • Class should be 2 hours. Good teacher—made everyone feel relaxed and fearless. Kept explanations fast and clear.

SummerVision DC 2016

  • Teaching art is the best job in the world and I am so thankful to get back on track again! Summer is now full of investigations and happy visions of a new year teaching art in the art studio at school. And laughter, and curiosity, and wonderment at what others saw and were saying–it was a magnificent 4 days… [of] teaching strategies and all the resources you’ve shared, as well as connecting with this PLC….I now see how critical it is to study with enthusiastic, curious and passionate art-loving art educators! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Emerging Arts Leaders DC workshop June 5, 2015




Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute, February, 2015: 

Thanks, Renee. The instructors were so jazzed up after your presentation! People are talking about presenting on how the FTC works for ESL. We will definitely look into a follow-up with you.

SummerVision DC 2014 Participant Comments:

  • It opened my eyes to new ways of seeing, and was an empowering, uplifting four days!  I appreciated the chance to be the nurtured student and found mark-making to be so important for understanding and creativity. Thank you for this powerful, beautiful experience!
  • It was tailored to our needs as visual art educators and included activities for both the gallery and the classroom – so I can use these ideas wherever I am teaching. …Administrators have a hard time providing us art teachers with professional development opportunities sometimes so this was really great! I love the NAEA.
  • no one could walk away from such an experience without imagining a million ways to apply the knowledge gained to their professional work.
  • The many activities were so amazing…. The interaction with the others participating was wonderful. The variety of art and artists made this unique and energizing.
  • … I have completed the [Museum] Palettes… What a wonderful way to learn about the museum.  It is amazing how it familiarizes you with the museum, and the same palette template can be applied to every museum with a totally different result. Completing these palettes has given me an idea about what to expect and has also made me super excited about actually getting to see them next week!  Thanks for sharing this great tool!
  • I felt honored, and celebrated. It was amazing to interact with the museum professionals and be “fed” artistically, historically, spiritually, emotionally and actually in our nation’s capital. The treasures were innumerable, friendships indelible.
  • The whole entire week …inspired me spiritually, as an educator and as an artist and an individual intellectually. SummerVision is liken to a soul mate which feeds my soul personally just for me. The valuable, treasured relationships … are priceless!
  • Learning is remembering the journey. Where are my souvenirs? My visual journal, Facebook, my colleagues’ phone numbers, but the genuine souvenir is in my heart. Thank you for guiding me toward becoming a summer visionary!

Rancho La Puerta 2014 Creativity Workshop Participant Comments:

  • As you may recall, my visual journeying with you was focused principally on that upcoming surgery and how the week at Rancho La Puerto had helped me to get into a healthy mental and emotional space.  Truly, the work I did on my RLP canvas bag reflected the week I spent at Rancho La Puerto with my six daughters and the insights that I discovered while I was there. …Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to do some interesting and productive exploration with you and with the class.
  • We really enjoyed your class (and I put that on my comment card!)    I have continued to work on my drawing – maybe overdid it with color, but this was my maiden effort.  I’m going to start some new drawings.  The method, the pens, your approach and the whole exercise were very creative and fun.
  • This has continued to be a source of joy, insight and inspiration for me and the many I have shared it with. I travel around a lot right now and I carry 2 pads of paper, the “crayons” and q-tips with me.  This one was done at a campsite on the Mendocino coast. I have done 5 so far.




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