FTC Professional Dispositions Palette

IMG_3765Dispositions are professional attributes, values and beliefs demonstrated through both verbal and non-verbal behaviors as educators and other professionals interact with learners, families, colleagues and communities. These positive behaviors support student learning and development. Identifying professional dispositions can enhance successful training to ensure excellent performance in the profession during the first years and beyond.  Whereas some people have stronger interpersonal skills than others, those who are lacking them but have knowledge base and want to teach or work in museums (for the right reasons) can be mentored to develop the appropriate professional dispositions and accurately self assess professional growth.  The FTC Palettes and Professional Dispositions Charts in the tool box below help clarify expectations of the profession and can be used to enhance development.

FTC Dispositions Tool Box

Palette for Professional Art Teachers Palette for Museum Professionals
Teacher Professional Dispositions Assessment Chart Museum Professional Dispositions Assessment Chart


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