An Evolving Professional Learning Community (PLC)


NAEA's SummerVision DC 2013 is designed to:

* Build a summer professional learning community for art and non-art educators throughout the United States and beyond
* "Nurture the nurturer" by meeting educators’ needs for summer professional renewal through art-based, city-specific expeditionary learning in critical response and creative expression
* Read the NAEA book The Museum Experience: The Discovery of Meaning by Carole Henry
* Partner with Washington DC art museums, to showcase best practices in critical response to art while enhancing creativity through visual journaling
* Utilize research skills through a balanced, interdisciplinary Form+Theme+Context (FTC) Palette to decode Museums and Works of Art to enhance visual learning
* Engage art teachers and other educators in creating visual journals that foster creative expression, document aesthetic experience and generate teaching ideas
* Develop leadership, pedagogical, research, and artistic skills to be shared with home school system, other educators, and students
* Continue the professional community learning on-line, utilizing the NAEA website and Facebook as well as periodically convening at NAEA/state conventions and area museum events

Summer Vision DC 2014

Started in 2010 as a Professional Learning Opportunity, NAEA SummerVision DC has evolved into a Professional Learning Community (PLC) consisting of diverse art and non-art educators to foster learning, networking and leadership while nurturing the nurturer.  The intensive experience includes virtual and actual decoding/exploration of the museum as a work of art. Daily visual journaling provides opportunity for encoding the pedagogical interdisciplinary experiences in each museum so participants often feel renewed in artistic skills through practice affirmed by community sharing.

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To learn more, visit the SummerVision DC e-Portfolio

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