Visual Fitness™: Using Marking & Mapping™ to Express Ideas, Feelings & More

Marking and Mapping ImageWhat is Visual Fitness™ and why is it important for all learners?  Marking & Mapping™ is a highly accessible way to creatively express ideas, feelings and more–in a unique and authentic way.

For examples, take a look at my Marking & Mapping e-portfolio and Marking & Mapping on My Pinterest Boards   The video, Journey of An Artful Problem, shows some early ways in which I used Marking & Mapping™ to engage preK to middle school learners in meaningful self expression. The artful problem creatively evolved as a result of FTC different forms , themes and contexts.

You can see my evolving Marking & Mapping™ work featured on the January 2017 Rancho La Puerta Blog

Here’s another example of my work:  Still digesting all I learned  from my Marking & Mapping of the powerful experience of speakers, topics, and insights as a day-long visual journey–shared here.   Hear the  “Start Now” TEDxMidAtlantic talks to see what inspired me.

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