SummerVision DC


The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. –Marcel Proust

Growing out of NAEA member requests for additional professional development in addition to the annual convention,  Renee Sandell initiated SummerVision DC  in July 2010 as a successful pilot professional development experience for educators and was transformed into a professional learning community from 2011 to the present.  Read about SummerVision DC 2014 To date, the program has served 240 participants from all over the US and beyond.

SummerVision DC is designed to:

  • Build a summer professional learning community for art and non-art educators throughout the United States and beyond;
  • “Nurture the nurturer” by meeting educators’ needs for summer professional renewal through art-based, city-specific museum expeditionary learning in critical response and creative expression;
  • Study the NAEA book The Museum Experience: The Discovery of Meaning by Carole Henry;
  • Partner with art museums, to showcase best practices in critical response to art while enhancing creativity through visual journaling;
  • Utilize research skills through a balanced, interdisciplinary Form+Theme+Context (FTC)™ Palette to decode Museums and Works of Art to enhance visual learning;
  • Engage art teachers and other educators in using Marking & Mapping™ to develop visual journals that foster creative expression, document aesthetic experience and generate teaching ideas;
  • Develop leadership, pedagogical, research, and artistic skills to be shared with home school system, other educators, and students;
  • Continue the professional community learning on-line, utilizing the NAEA website and Facebook as well as periodically convening at NAEA/state conventions and area museum events.



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