FTC™ at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art*

Since the museum opened on 11-11-11, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has used FTC™ in multiple ways to guide its art research, training, and curriculum development for both inside art gallery viewing and outside trail exploration of art and nature.  See the Crystal Bridges FTC …

Form+Theme+Context (FTC)™

Form+Theme+Context™ (FTC) is a balanced approach to exploring the form + theme + context of an artwork (as well as other phenomena) for deeper understanding.   It is an easily accessible methodology that helps individuals create as well as understand complex layers of meaning in visual language while developing higher-order thinking skills and delving into deeper interdisciplinary engagement.  FTC provides universal access to visual and …

Brian Reverman’s Videos: “Discovering Art”

Discovering Art: Search for Meaning video, produced by Brian Reverman, Art Department, International School of Beijing, discusses Renee Sandell’s FTC research and methods about how to use Form, Theme, and Context in decoding art work.

Reverman’s new video Discovering More About Art: The Search for Meaning Continues… shows tools and methods for analyzing a work of art to try to find its …

Decoding & Encoding

Decoding the meaning of a work of art can be likened to the experience of preparing to eat an artichoke.

An artwork as well as this strange vegetable may present some unique challenges when you finally try to prepare or eat one. The process for eating an artichoke seems somewhat unintuitive – its fruit can’t be eaten in …

About FTC™ Palettes

FTC™ Palettes are Form+Theme+Context graphic organizers that are designed to promote interdisciplinary exploration and deeper learner engagement. A  balanced approach to exploring the form+theme+context of an artwork helps individuals create as well as understand complex layers of meaning in visual language while developing higher-order thinking skills. Discover how to use an

Other Museums

Artful Adventures for Families

Renee Sandell views museums as remarkable learning sites for children of all ages. While teaching at Maryland Institute College of Art from 1991-2003, she and her MAT students collaborated annually with the Baltimore Museum of Art to create unique, object-specific tours for families. For the past 9 years at George Mason University, Sandell has facilitated Artful Adventures …

Annotation & Analysis Video

Updated FTC Digital Annotation & Analysis Tool Instructional Video by Brian Reverman

SummerVision DC

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. –Marcel Proust

Growing out of NAEA member requests for additional professional development in addition to the annual convention,  Renee Sandell initiated SummerVision DC  in July 2010 as a successful pilot professional development experience for educators and was transformed into a professional learning community from 2011 …

SummerVision Pilot at Crystal Bridges

SummerVision Pilot at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, June 2015 

After 5 years of offering SummerVision DC in the nation’s Capital, SummerVision was held as a pilot program from June 22-25, 2015 in the nation’s Heartland at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. With four days to explore  inside and  outside the museum, the …

Process & Applications

Marking Meditation Studio and Wall

Since many people find the acquisition of traditional drawing and compositional skills intimidating or even threatening, I use the construct of Marking & Mapping™ to rekindle the pleasure we all remember from early years. It doesn’t take us long to discover that we are already fluent in a latent, highly personal …

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